One response to “Wake up and smell the coffee”

  1. Jean Tresadern

    Excellent to read the boss of the illy coffee company showing it’s possible to source coffee responsibly and sustainably especially to feed the enormous increased demand for coffee across the world.

    Also good then to see an enterprising company making use of the tonnes of waste coffee grounds produced by cafes and workplaces – a resource currently under-utilised which is costing companies to get rid of it through waste disposal.

    The London-based firm Bio-bean ( discovered that oil could be extracted from spent coffee and turned into biodiesel, and the leftover grounds, instead of being thrown out, could be turned into biomass pellets for use in boilers.

    Some of Bio-beans’ customers supply their waste coffee and then use the fuel to heat their own premises.

    They can also produce briquettes and barbecue coals. You might not be able to smell coffee as they reach cooking temperature but this example of a ‘closed loop’ circular economy sounds a great idea.