2 responses to “Vinyl Plus: committed to sustainable development”

  1. Charles Arthur

    “I’m happy to see that in its Progress Report 2017 VinylPlus is reporting its contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals”, said Christophe Yvetot, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Representative to the European Union. “I’d like to congratulate VinylPlus; we know how difficult it is to bring a whole value chain together to achieve more sustainability. VinylPlus shows that industry can change, industry can contribute. VinylPlus is a good role model and we are ready to work even more closely with them.”


  2. Dissi Dent

    Gunter Pauli writes: “Polyvinyl chloride or vinyl is a toxic plastic. PVC production releases toxic pollutants vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, Mercury, dioxins furans, PCBs. Disposal of PVC in landfills & incinerators release dioxins & furans. There’s no safe way to make, use or dispose of it.