2 responses to “Change the mindset”

  1. Melissa Aleksic

    Kate Raworth is so right when she says that “economists have fixated on GDP as the first measure of economic progress…” If policymakers considered GDP only as a measure of raw market economic activity in conjunction with many other metrics, the flaws in it would be less important. If poverty rates, inequality levels, natural capital accounts, and other metrics were taken into account as heavily as GDP, then different policies and priorities would begin to emerge. As Kate went on to say: “GDP is a false goal waiting to be ousted”.

  2. Stephanie Carr

    Raworth’s reference to the “doughnut” is all about the dilemma currently facing global industrial development.

    The dough provides a “safe and just space for humanity”. The hole in its centre represents “critical human deprivation” while “critical planetary degradation” lies in the space beyond the outer crust.

    The dilemma is how to eradicate the former without exacerbating the latter. Unless a more intelligent growth model is adopted, involving a shift from GDP to broader measures of well-being, the world will face severe crises.