2 responses to “The power of the community”

  1. T.E.Manning

    Dear Milford Bateman,

    You may care to take a look at the financial structures foreseen for integrated development projects at website http://www.integrateddevelopment.org

    Please select “free e-learning course…” in the menu at the top of the homepage then Section 3 of Block 4 of the course, which describes the financial structures.

    The interest-free cooperative micro-finance system operates within the framework of a local money system set up, so that borrowers have no formal money costs either.


    NGO Stichting Bakens Verzet (Another Way)

  2. Hari Regmi

    Coming across the failure stories of MFI model in rural India (with increasing number of suicides), and non-functioning of the model in Nepal’s rural mountain villages, I am in total agreement with Mr. Bateman’s logic.