One response to “Biodiversity: policy challenges in a changing world”

  1. Diêgo Lôbo

    This is a very interesting article, but I believe discussion of the importance of biodiversity should go beyond human survival and the conservancy of ecosystems –the huge biodiversity of our planet might be a path to economic development. One of the best examples of this is my country, Brazil, the most bio-diverse country in the world, with around 15-20% of all the planet’s species – and that number might be greater due to the species that have not being cataloged yet. According to Uppsala University’s Professor Kjell Aleklett, Brazil – together with Russia – is the country best prepared to face a world without oil because of its capacity to produce energy and food. In addition, our capability to research and patent, based on our biodiversity resources, is enormous. It is estimated that this could generate more than US$2 trillion a year, which is much more than our GNP. In other words, if Brazil starts to invest in these technologies, instead of being dependent on oil, it could become a leader in the areas of science and technology, improving all economic sectors and everyone’s life.

    – Diêgo Lôbo, environmental blogger, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.