2 responses to “A revolution in electricity”

  1. Sara Patalone

    I think this article is interesting as it illustrates a real possibility in places that produce high volumes of rice. It’s also a nice read because it shows the power, literally, of entrepreneurs in developing countries.
    From a people side, it makes you wonder how many entrepreneurs in developing countries already have the know-how to produce alternative and renewable energy processes to provide their own villages with electricity, such as this featured company.
    Another thing the article raises is a concern about rice production, and therefore about availability of bio resources to gasify and therefore to create energy with. I could see this method working well where mass quantities of rice are grown — namely in India and other Southeast Asian countries — but the video produced by the company’s founder seems to hint at their desired to expand to a global market, and this just doesn’t seem feasible where rice husks aren’t readily available in such large quantities… or at least not as efficient.
    Can this method be extended to other organic byproducts, or is it limited to rice husks? And, are there many more entrepreneurs out there in developing countries who have other ideas for energy resources and production?

  2. chris mann

    This is a great article. I like it because it shows that even those living beyond the reach of the grid can enjoy access to energy and that it is good business too! Who can argue with that? I wonder why governments are not doing more to use biomass as an energy source. ‘Business as usual’ is going to ruin our planet. Does no one care about our children’s future?