One response to “The barefoot economist”

  1. Taiwo Osun

    Thank you so much for your write up – The barefoot economist” – Manfred Max-Neef.

    It is quite correct that most people discussing, measuring or tackling poverty never know what poverty is. Beyond the physical deprivations observed in poverty lies hopes, creativities and courage needed for tackling it. The poor themselves have to be involved in designing intervention strategies and succession plans.

    Similarly, many vulnerable individuals can find their ways out of poverty if empowered especially through capacity building and availability of enabling institutions frameworks, policies, rewarding markets and productivities. Years of working experience with the vulnerable groups in agriculture and rural sector have revealed that production and marketing constraints are what keep farming households in poverty.

    Tackling poverty requires an in-depth understanding of the problems and prospects in peculiar settings and lots of inputs from the poor themselves.

    Taiwo Osun
    Kiel, Germany