3 responses to “Engineering eco-friendly solutions”

  1. Émile Potolsky

    I truly enjoyed reading this article. The article captures a real sense of innovation within the industry, and illustrates well how entrepreneurial activities can work. The article leaves me with two questions that I hope the author would be able to touch more upon.

    The first thing that comes to mind is the question of other producers around the world. Since aluminum is produced and used in many parts of the world, what do other producers do with the aluminum dross? Is it recycled in a similar way, or is this a business model that can be expanded to other countries’ markets?

    The second question concerns safety. The article states that aluminum dross is a hazardous waste material, yet goes on to explain how the by-product of the aluminum dross is used for building material, benches, and fence posts. If at one point the material is hazardous, at what stage does it become non-hazardous?

  2. Stacia Grove

    Good to read about a woman making a success of industrial waste recycling. Why don’t you feature some more women eco-entrepreneurs? Two come to mind.

    One is Lorna Rutto, who won the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award 2011 for sub-Saharan Africa. Her company, EcoPost, in Kenya, uses 100% recycled plastics to manufacture aesthetic, durable, and environmentally friendly fencing posts and custom lumber profiles.

    The other is Majora Carter, whose Sustainable South Bronx pushed both for eco-friendly practices and, equally important, job training and green-related economic development for her vibrant neighborhood in New York. She now runs the economic consulting and planning firm, the Majora Carter Group, putting the green economy and green economic tools to use, unlocking the potential of every place – from urban cities and rural communities, to universities, government projects, businesses and corporations.

    There must be loads more.

  3. Charles Arthur

    Dear Stacia

    Check out this interview with Lorna Rutto:


    Making It will endeavour to interview her for a future issue, so if you have any questions for her please send them to me at editor@makingitmagazine.net


    Charles Arthur