One response to “On the road again – with a new roadmap”

  1. Desmond Attis

    It’s great that the Commissioner is telling industry to be more resource efficient. He needs to do more of this and less of trying to make consumers the problem (and the solution). He was recently in Poland launching “The “Generation Awake. Your choices make a world of difference!” programme, which wants to encourage citizens to think about their impact on the planet when making purchasing decisions. This is all very well, but as Gar Lipow, a long-time environmental activist who has spent years immersed in the subject of efficiency and renewable energy, recently wrote: “We did not get into this mess via individual consumer choice, and we won’t get out of it that way either.”

    Setting an example by doing some simple, logical things to reduce an individual environmental footprint is wonderful, but ultimately, we will not make up, through private spending or lifestyle changes, for the fact that it is the state and the private sector that are to blame for bringing us to the environmental brink.

    The answer to collective political failure is political action.