2 responses to “Empowering women entrepreneurs, at home and abroad”

  1. Orsi Parkanyi

    Female entrepreneurship is a very important and timely topic. Even in Australia, no more than 17% of all entrepreneurs are female! A new social venture, Women As Entrepreneurs is aiming to change the current entrepreneurial landscape in Australia and inspire more women to step into entrepreneurship. Moreover, the organisation is also keen to raise money and empower more women entrepreneurs in developing countries. You can find out more about it at http://womenasentrepreneurs.com.au/

  2. Orsi Parkanyi

    I found the “Empowering women entrepreneurs, at home and abroad” article about gender equality and female entrepreneurship fascinating.

    Thank you for discussing such an important and timely topic! I completely agree with Jan O’Sullivan that the lack of financing; experience and training are contributing factors, and also that the lack of high-profile role models and networks are other limiting factors.

    As the founder of Australia’s number one organization for female entrepreneurs, Women as Entrepreneurs, I have been trying to identify some of the key challenges women face when it comes to entrepreneurship and investigate why only 17% of established entrepreneurs are women in Australia. In my opinion, in order to fix the global problem of gender gap and enable more women to be successful, we need to address and understand the main driving forces behind the complex system of issues. Some of these forces are differences in male and female thinking; society expectations towards men and women; and also how we raise our boys and girls.

    I believe that gender – and other forms of – diversity leads to more sophisticated thinking and ultimately more competitive economies. Greater representation of female leaders will have the power to shape a better world for all of us. Women have so much potential and it is our responsibility to leverage them by providing more opportunities for women all around the world, including ongoing support and empowerment of female entrepreneurs in both developed and developing countries.”

    Orsi Parkanyi, founder and CEO of Women as Entrepreneurs, Sydney, Australia