One response to “Grassroots industrial policies”

  1. Dr John W Powell OBE

    I agree with most of the points made in this paper by Professor Amsden. Based on 30 years of direct involvement in grassroots industrial development, 26 years in Ghana, we found that responding to perceived market demand was essential for starting new small-scale enterprises. Usually, the Technology Consultancy Centre of the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, chose to work with small business people who had already identified a market opportunity. The first step was to establish a model enterprise to provide training and a prototype to be copied by other small enterprises. As long as the market demand persisted the small enterprises multiplied to employ many thousands of people. However, many businesses collapsed when the IMF forced free trade policies on the local government. I have written much about the detailed issues involved in the books described in my website.
    John Powell