2 responses to “Manufacturing still matters”

  1. Laura

    Very useful blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Zahid Torres-Rahman

    It was with pleasure that we showcased your interview with Ha-Joon Chang (http://snipbfp.org/HGBU3D) on our online network, Business Fights Poverty. Thinking creatively about how to harness business to drive long-term growth and poverty reduction is a common focus of the more than 10,000 professionals we connect. Two aspects of Professor Chang’s article were particularly striking. First, the importance of manufacturing in driving value creation. Recently, in the margins of the Africa World Economic Forum in Addis, we co-hosted an event on what the latest research has to say on the economic benefits of business in developing countries, not least through job creation. A richer understanding of the benefits across sectors – including manufacturing – is needed to shape strategies for enhanced business performance and development impact (http://snipbfp.org/KrVdxX). The second interesting point raised in the interview is around industrial policy – which is attracting a growing level of interest – including by some I spoke to during our Addis event. The World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, for example, has recently suggested sector-focused industrial policy may have a role to play in driving job creation (http://snipbfp.org/JxxY3E). It is clear that an effective public sector that can encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and jobs will be an important element, alongside a thriving private sector, in delivering long-term and broad-based prosperity in the developing world.

    Zahid Torres-Rahman
    Founder and Director, Business Fights Poverty