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  1. Charles Arthur

    For Electric Car Batteries,The Race for a Rapid Charge
    The hours it takes to recharge lithium-ion batteries have been a major impediment to consumer acceptance of electric vehicles. But a host of companies and researchers are working intensively to develop a battery that could be recharged in 10 minutes and power a car for hundreds of miles.

  2. Johny Auto

    Check out this website: Green Car Reports

  3. beemer

    I just read about the new BMW Concept Active Tourer which has been designed as a so-called plug-in hybrid – ideally combining the benefits of electric drive with those of a classic combustion engine.
    See this in the NYT:
    BMW Previews Concept Active Tourer Before Paris Motor Show

    Also I read that BMW is a world leader in sustainability according to 2012 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Read about it here.

  4. Charles Arthur
  5. Global Warming Is Real

    Nissan’s EV Shows New Promise With New Improvements for Going Green
    October 1st, 2012

    The Nissan Leaf EVAs green drivers, electric-vehicle owners shouldn’t have to compromise certain driving capacities for taking an electric vehicle to the road. The Nissan LEAF is among the top-rated electric car models that help consumers save money, improve comfort and reduce their carbon footprint. Cutting costs? More space? Going green? These pros, plus added features such as a first-rate lithium-ion battery, excellent overall protection, instant 100% torque, and more, enhance EV drivers’ experiences on the road. Nissan’s LEAF sounds too good to be true; however, improvements can always be made for unparalleled driving experiences. Nissan dealerships everywhere are stocking up on this one-of-a-kind green car, and a lot of promise in it is on the rise.

    Boosting Mile Range

    One of Nissan’s top priorities for the 2013 LEAF is to increase its mile range. Not making it to your destination because you ran out of miles shouldn’t have to be an ongoing fear whenever you’re on the road. According to Digital Trends, Japanese website SankeiBiz released a report that stated to eliminate drivers’ mileage concerns, the 2013 LEAF’s mile range will be increased to better meet the needs and improve the lifestyle of the average driver. The current LEAF has a range of 73 miles and according to Digital Trends, consumers can expect that next year’s model will boast a 30-mile increase and 25% boost. Drivers will benefit from a range of about 103 miles before recharging.

    Automotive leading manufacturer Nissan is expected to offer additional upgrades for its 2013 base model, including:

    * A lower price averaging $31,000
    * Smaller and new battery packs
    * Performance-improved lithium-ion batteries
    * Motors with better efficiency

    Nissan’s goal with these advancements is to continue leading the way in the all-electric vehicle markets. The rumored upgrades such as a lower price point, increased mile range and overall better efficiency give EV consumers something to look forward to as production begins this December.