One response to “No escaping the numbers”

  1. Matt Moran

    Thank you for your article Chandran.

    “Asian political leaders must reject the Western consumption-driven model of economic growth. In its place, they must create economies where resource-use is constrained via a true pricing of environmental externalities. This calls for the establishment of a constrained form of capitalism – one under which people are still encouraged to pursue prosperity, but in a very different framework.”

    This is very much a conversation that the West elite need to have also. For the most part, the majority of those in the West (both recent and generational) have been largely at the mercy of “growthism” via immigration-to-ruin policies which use the lure of prosperity to drive inequality both domestically and globally.

    It is good to see Japan’s population declining and as it does, their quality of life improving – they have lower unemployment than the US and Europe, and their ratio of GDP to GPD per Capita suggests a reasonable spread of income in stark contrast to Europe and the USA.

    They certainly have hurdles, for instance the contention of resources with China, but Japan are certainly turning conventional western economics on it’s head. And further, the US are turning conventional western economics on it’s head with the growing realization that population growth and development are costs (and economies only really recover when population growth slows, stabilises or even declines – not that there is much scope for recovery now as you suggest, a different economic model with a different view of prosperity is needed – e.g. food/water and basic energy security, environmental health etc).

    best wishes