4 responses to “Lèt Agogo: more than just a quality product made in Haiti”

  1. Marvia Hill

    Dear Mr Stratton

    The Rebrand Haiti concept is very impressive. UNESCO supported a learning programme, which was fascinating to watch. If allowed the opportunity to strive, Haiti could soon become a successful nation.

    I widely believe that the organisation’s programme could provide Haiti with the robust and sustainable strategic strategy it needs to sustain growth and profitability as well as observe future results.

    If possible could you provide me with further information about the programme and where possible I would be happy to assist with marketing.

    Marvia Hill

  2. Sean

    In my opinion, this is much more the sort of development that Haiti needs than the free trade zone assembly operations being pushed by the US and UN. The focus on creating sweatshop factories like the ones in Caracol and Ouanaminthe is really pushing the country into a race to the bottom.

  3. Toussaint

    Jean Dominique went on about developing the local market instead of import/export. Maybe that was why they shot him dead.

  4. Emil Brewer

    This story was published under the original title Making a splash: milk for the masses in Haiti in the November 2008 edition of The New Agriculturist, an online magazine published by WRENmedia with support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The pictures were all taken by Veterimed and can be found on their website .