2 responses to ““Sustainable Energy for All is maybe the only thing that can save the younger generation.””

  1. Richard Bailey

    Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs.,
    Please forward my contact to the panel. Our company offers additional benefit to OTEC or seawater district cooling systems. We have developed the next generation of thermal energy agriculture system that is self irrigating and can culture a variety of crops that often imported to island.
    Thank you for your interest.

    Richard Bailey

  2. Dr. Alan K. Miller

    Dr. Binger, I just became aware of your work via the archive of OTEC News discussions. I appreciate your very thorough discussion of the current and worsening issues underlying Sustainable Energy for All, and the technologies (especially OTEC) that can help solve them for small island nations.
    For the area in which I have also been contributing to the solution (engineering the Advanced Composite Cold Water Pipe for Lockheed Martin’s OTEC program), see the public paper and report linked at my “website” entry above, (http://www.otecnews.org/2012/07/advanced-composite-cold-water-pipe/).
    I am a Lockheed Martin employee, but if somehow I as an individual can also be helpful to your cause now or in the future, feel free to contact me directly.
    Dr. Alan K. Miller