2 responses to “The circular economy: interview with Walter Stahel”

  1. VP Singh Ahluwalia

    The concept of Mr. Walter Stahel i.e. Cradle to Cradle seems amazing. It was a stupendous journey going through this interview. As he had made clear in his words, the economies differ from place to place and so do the necessities. We need to explore new ways and means to overcome the problems of underdeveloped economies. If I am not wrong the developed countries like the UK have optimized the utilization of their resources, whereas the underdeveloped ones are still languishing in the field. As Mr. Stahel has said that if it is being done also, it is being done in the most polluting manner and in a way most harmful to the environment. We have made Pollution Control Boards and bodies whose job was to curb pollution but in the actual practice they have emerged as hurdles for industrialization at the lower level i.e. the most labour intensive level and thus are causing a threat to economy. The policymakers need to take this point in to consideration and thus frame policies for sustainable growth at the grass route level that has too due regard to environment.

    I am really impressed by the views of Walter Stahel.

  2. J.L. Evans

    Circular Economy Toolkit – New Initiative Launched Today


    I really like your website, just read the interesting interview with Walter Stahl, what a hero!

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