One response to “Good Business: Yiyuan Environmental Group”

  1. Susanne Berger-Achatz

    In general, what I appreciate most about Making It is the diversity of extraordinary international stories on industry and economy.

    My favourite is this story about water-efficient toilets, I suppose because I can’t find an analysis like this anywhere else.

    For Europeans, most surprising seems company managing director Chen Chunhong’s attitude towards patent protection. She says “…if more companies would employ this water-saving technology, it would actually bring more benefits to the global environment as a whole. In this sense, copying our idea is a good thing.” Forget patent protection in favour of environmental protection! Marvellous! This is how we could make the world a better place. If only the rest of the world could share this attitude despite losing an enormous amount of money.

    – Susanne Berger-Achatz, News Editor, Hitradio Ö3,Vienna, Austria