One response to “Who will lead the green revolution?”

  1. Wyatt Laine

    Economist Mariana Mazzucato talks a lot of sense and what’s refreshing is how she challenges the usual image of the State that you too often hear from the business sector – it’s “lethargic”, “regulating”, “inertial” or, even, “meddling”.
    She shows that some of the most high-risk and courageous investments that led to revolutions in IT, biotechnology and nanotechnology were sparked by public sector institutions.

    There’s a great graphic in her book (The Entrepreneurial State: debunking public vs. private sector myths, go get a copy) that you have to see. It’s called ‘What makes the iphone so Smart?’ She points out that every major component in the iPhone exists only because of publicly-funded research. Yep, that means the Siri, Navstar-GPS, the multi-touch screen, signal compression, liquid-crystal display, micro hard drive, microprocessor, cellular technology, click-wheel, lithium-ion batteries, http/html, and, hey, even the Internet, were not created by entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley (who love to tell us that they are the great innovators).

    The public sector, the State, call it what you will, is in Mariana’s words “a key partner of the private sector – and often a more daring one, willing to take the risks that business isn’t.”

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