3 responses to “Degrowth machine politics in Detroit: lessons for cities in crisis”

  1. Chuck

    What can Philadelphia teach Indianapolis about finding new ways to reuse old manufacturing plants?

  2. Dora Apel

    Images of urban abandonment and decay produced by deindustrialization and disinvestment have become pervasive. And no city is pictured in books, exhibitions, web sites, films, and popular media more than Detroit. Although deindustrial landscapes are scattered across the world, most notably in the former leading manufacturing centers, Detroit has become the preeminent example of urban decay, the global metaphor for capitalist decline, and the epicenter of a photographic genre: deindustrial ruin imagery.
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  3. Johnny Johnson

    Dora Apel has written an interesting article, The Ruins of Capitalism, about ruin imagery which gives a quirky twist on Seth Schindler’s piece. She says that by depicting urban decay and ecological crisis, ruin imagery shows the people and places that capitalism left behind. Whereas Schindler writes that Detroit is managing inevitable degrowth through economic diversification and appears able to create a viable future within the existing capitalist system, Apel says Detroit is a global metaphor for capitalist decline.