2 responses to “Why we need more women engineers”

  1. Joan Chiedozie

    The interview is really interesting, particularly where she says that many women study science with a view to becoming doctors. “We should tap into their motivation to help people and encourage those who don’t go on to do medicine to do engineering”, she says.

    She refers to an OECD report from 2011 that “showed that there is no intrinsic difference in the ability of men and women in science and maths.” Recent evidence from the OECD shows that not only should we encourage women to be engineers or similar occupations on a moral basis but that in fact investment in women boosts economic development, competitiveness, job creation and GDP. Mari Kiviniemi, the OECD’s Deputy Secretary-General, said recently. “We estimate that on average, across the OECD, a 50% reduction in the gender gap in labour force participation would lead to an additional gain in GDP of about 6% by 2030, with a further 6% gain (12% in total) if complete convergence occurred. Frankly, I don’t think that our economies can afford to ignore such huge potential.”

  2. Con

    The results of a New Civil Engineer survey into attitudes towards Lesbian, gay and bisexual engineers in the UK construction industry show that homophobia and discrimination continue to be a problem for the sector.

    Read more: http://www.nce.co.uk/features/attitudes-in-construction-nce-survey-lifts-the-lid-on-homophobia-in-the-workplace/8687868.article?blocktitle=Most-popular&contentID=-1