One response to “How industry can address critical water-related challenges”

  1. Stephanie Carr

    This article quotes a staggering prediction that global water demand for manufacturing will increase by 400% from 2000 to 2050. There were several other really useful articles in this issue, but I was particularly drawn to the ‘Is water the next carbon?’ infographic which highlighted results of a survey of nearly 2,000 professionals from business, asking them about water management. It showed that, as well as ‘lack of management awareness’ and ‘lack of return on investment’ the main obstacle to companies profiting from managing water issues was ‘lack of financial resources’.

    Debra Tan in her article on China’s plan to fight pollution of water sources warned that the high cost of installing wastewater treatment equipment “will likely mean that some smaller factories with thin profit margins may be forced to close or merge with others…” Talk about throwing out the baby with the bath water!

    At the World Water Week conference in Stockholm in August-September 2016, it was estimated that US$16trn (that’s trillion!) of investment is needed to update water infrastructure so that it can endure the various demands (not least the human right to water,which was recognized by the UN in 2010).

    So my only criticism is that I did not feel any of the articles were clear enough about where that finance is going to come from.