One response to “Looking back, moving forward”

  1. Joan Chiedozie

    It was reassuring to read the Director General’s keynote, particularly when he reiterated that the solution to the challenges the world faces lies in ‘inclusive and sustainable industrial development strategies’ including ‘creating value while not harming the environment’.

    It goes without saying that I’m sure all UNIDO member countries are extremely concerned about the United States’ policy shift on climate change.

    It has been encouraging to see that emissions from fossil fuels seem to have leveled off in the last three years, but the recent executive order from President Trump undoing Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, alongside other policy changes, may stop the progress we have made, especially as the US is the second biggest emitter (with 14% of global carbon dioxide).

    However, I don’t see how Mr Trump’s plans to revive the coal industry can be delivered. Around the world coal is in freefall, as energy investments have moved towards low-carbon. Many US states and cities see clean energy as the future, whatever Washington thinks, especially as the costs of solar and wind power have plummeted.

    Hopefully it will at least concentrate minds among the overwhelming majority of countries to get on with the fight against global warming.

    Cape Town, South Africa